Theory Test - (We will get you through your theory test)

We supply you all the materials needed to get you ready for your theory including books and DVDs, plus we offer 1-to-1 support from our instructors will sit down with you and demonstrate how to achieve the best results.

Intensive Driving Course - (The fastest way to pass your driving test)

Our intensive driving courses range from 2 days to a couple of weeks depending on your individual needs. Most beginners require at least 30 hours of professional tuition to achieve test standard driving skills, although this amount can vary. We therefore recommend you first do an assessment lesson with one of out experience driving instructors so we can determine best alternative for you. The assessment also provides an opportunity for you to evaluate the car and make sure you are satisfied with the assigned instructor's teaching style.


  • At LSM we offer lessons to suit all needs. Whether you prefer to learn in the morning, evening or even Saturdays we can provide flexible lessons at competitive prices.

Pass Plus

  • To gain extra experience and confidence, why not take a Pass Plus course after passing your test.

Refresher Courses

  • If you are not a regular driver or would like more experience on the road, try out our refresher course.


  • Driving on a motorway can be a very daunting experience, so why not build up your confidence by taking motorway lessons for extra experience.

Gift Vouchers

  • Why not treat a friend or a family member to driving lessons. Contact us to find out the different types of vouchers available.
    Vouchers are also available if you recommend a friend.
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How Do I DO It ?

Basic information into applying for a provisional license to selecting your instructor to taking lessons from your selected instructor and than to theory test to finally practical driving test and to passing your test. All this information you find it in here.

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